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Enjoy your trip Jose, but please don’t fall and take the club with you

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It seems to me that Jose Mourinho is on one big ego trip that he maybe cannot return from.  His bizarre outbursts, his strange tactics, his oblivion to the shortcomings of some of his key players have combined to make uncomfortable headlines right across the media. Now he has backed Abramovich into a corner and there has been a statement of sorts – which papers over the cracks, but makes it clear that Abramovich’s patience is not going to last forever.  No manager can be bigger than his club and I am afraid Jose thinks he is right now.  That can only be damaging for the players and tough on the fans.  I hope Abramovich now stands by what he says because though I would be heartbroken to lose Jose as manager, I can’t stand to see the low morale amongst players and fans.  Jose please step out of the abyss you’ve created for yourself, dust yourself down and get behind your players, raise their morale and look to October 17th to start the season in the way you mean to go on.


Author: judithhaire

Author, Editor, Sheffield University Politics Graduate, Chelsea Pitch Owner http://www.judithhaire.wordpress.com http://www.judithfhaire.wordpress.com

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